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EP 5: 0 to 100k Instagram Followers in 47 Days?

Episode Summary

On this episode of NomadWolf, we interview digital agency owner and Instagram Ninja, Christian Buoc, who is able to grow Instagram accounts from zero to hundreds of thousands using specific Instagram growth hacks and strategies. Christian built and runs his own agency, and was able to systematize it in a way that he can now freely travel to all the places he wants to go to. It has allowed him to travel all over South East Asia, and now to South America, where he is currently exploring Ecuador. Christian is an expert in growing accounts on Instagram, with his fastest track record of growing a following to a hundred thousand being only 47 days. He shares his knowledge of how to grow an account fast by defining the difference between a personal Instagram page and a re-post page. Christian points out how important it is to decide your niche and to create content that specifically caters to that niche. This allows you to build genuine connections and engagements on the platform. Christian also lays out the pros and cons between deciding on a personal page, which is the hardest to grow, and a re-post page, which is the hardest to build good connections in. He advises on picking one that works and emphasizes on making sure that you provide unique and original content, as well as to do your market research. Finally, Christian also expresses the use of analytics and tracking tools to grow your page, as well as to avoid automations or to just sticking to one growth strategy. It pays to try as many growth strategies as you can, and hone in on the ones that work the best. For more on Christian's Instagram growth techniques and strategies, as well as on how he built and grew his own digital agency, tune in to his full episode on NomadWolf in the next couple of weeks!

Episode Notes

In this episode, you'll learn about: